Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Missing Piece

It is easy being a critic, very hard being a creator. This is the learning I get from Babson and life each day.

I got my first internship today through networking. The project is a combination of transport research,  marketing, sales, business development and product development for a very small company in Austria; a combination that I really wanted to experience in order to build my future career. However, this opportunity is an unpaid gig as of now. I have the chance to volunteer as much or as little of my time as I see fit to this project and may travel to Washington DC over the next weekend to explore some commitments further.

No one, especially my family, knows the amount of soul, hard work and effort I have put into getting this break, but every person feels entitled to advise me saying I should consider the money (or lack thereof) and look for a "better" internship. I sometimes feel that people should just shut up and keep their opinions to themselves; especially when they have had zero contribution to my work. Perhaps, I am becoming Americanized in some respects. But, just let me be, will ya?

Its just a hard feeling when you work so hard and you share the news with people out of courtesy or to savor the moment, and they ruin it through their thoughtless comments.