Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sounds of Silence

Its a state of flux
Listening to so many voices at once
They drown out your inner voice
They make you unsure

But I learnt to silence the din
I know the time is now
I must decide

It is all about me
It is about what my heart wants
Too many times it has been about what the world wants from me
Its time for me now

Me. Me. Me
Yes. Thats right
Its all about ME

For better and for worse, I live and die by my sword
I won't do it any other way

In this flux, I close my eyes
And ask my heart if he is happy
Ask him if I will be happy

And he says: Yes and No

I must choose my path
And live with the choices I make

Someday it will be too late to go back and change
But to do what my heart says
Better than to do what it doesn't say

There are no happy endings
There will be no fond farewells

There is the sweet smell of occasional victory
And the constancy of defeat

Need to reach a state where neither matters