Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I Didn't Say Thank-You

I keep coming back to the realization that it is that which is good within us that strengthens our lives and character. Though the world may make us question our beliefs and values, it is what we stand for that is the ultimate true test of what we become.

I realized that the world runs, not through systems, processes or efficiency, but through human beings being made to feel wanted, being made to feel that they are part of something special, when people see others being truthful to them.

Many a time, we bury who we are underneath who we choose to become. Let's get back to the basics. Look inwards and ask yourself what you stand for. Stand in front of a mirror and know that what you have become is what you were meant to be.

You'll never have to live another person's life. There is only one you.

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Nova said...

Nice post... very thought provoking... however, i cud not associate the title to the post...