Saturday, November 29, 2008

Charter of improvements sought in the Anti-terror setup in India

This is a humble request to the Government of India from its people. We stand united as Indians and we support this nation through thick and thin. But we also seek support from the Government to live lives that are free from violence, insecurity and terrorism. We stand, not as Mumbaikars, Delhiites, North-Indians, South-Indians, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs or Christians, but as one Indian. We are not separated by religion, location or profession. We stand united in this demand for good governance and for the provision of rights bestowed by the supreme Constitution of India on each Indian.

Our suggestions for a better, improved anti-terror control mechanism in India consists of the following:

1. Setting up of an autonomous body for coordination of anti-terrorism related activities.

We seek the creation of an autonomous body for the coordination of anti-terrorism related activities. This body will have a centralized decision making setup and will delegate tasks to local/regional cells. It will directly report to the National Security Advisor and Joint Chief of Staffs of the Indian Military. It shall cover the following areas of responsibility:

  1. Gathering intelligence through focussed resources and passing it to the respective State or Regional cells.
  2. Setting up of and monitoring the progress of a training center for teaching management and communications during terrorist strikes to selected representatives of the military, para-military, police forces, coast guards and medical teams from the States to deal with terrorism events.
  3. Provision of the best available infrastructure and equipment for its members for training and operations.
  4. A central controlling committee overseeing activities and coordination with local bodies in the event of a terrorist strike. This body will report directly to the Prime Minister of India. Any report of terrorist activity or disturbance in any state must be conveyed to this body, which will activate the requisite bodies on the ground into action, keeping the local government in the loop. An escalation of levels of violence beyond locally containable capability will be directly intimated to the Prime Minister of India, followed by an increase in the threat level and activation of more sophisticated military elements.
2. Decentralization of the National Security Guards (NSG).

The NSG is India’s premier anti-terrorism outfit and is well-trained to tackle events of terrorism. However, its current location means an inevitable delay in scrambling its resources into action. We propose a decentralization of the NSG with central command still located out of New Delhi. Identification of regional nerve centres for the location of regional chapters of the NSG must be followed by a setting up of operational centres for the same. In the event of a rise in the threat level (as described in Sec 1.d), the central and regional directors of the NSG will be intimated and brought in to support the operations and offer advice to the central committee.

3. Improved sea border patrolling by the Coast Guards

The coast guard shall be given a more prominent role in this activity. They must train with the Navy for joint operations and develop para-military capability for performing reconnaissance, seek and destroy and preventive strike operations against identified enemy craft or personnel.

These are a few points that came to my mind and I wanted to present them to the Government of India as a set of suggestions from the people to help contributing ideas going forward. Please feel free to post your comments and any ideas which you would like to see added to this charter. I will keep updating this charter with meritorious ideas that keep coming in.


FailedGod said...

Also, we need to generate a set of leaders who are unbiased w.r.t. to party ideologies.....the only ideologies that must be taught to them is development and peace.

If we have such leaders with clear set of notions and vision, then probably such situation won't arise.

This idea germinated in my mind, after reading this,

Also, there must be some mechanism to make voting an 'attractive' proposition.

Indian constitution gives the voting right to each and every Indian adult citizen. But we don't vote; we just complain and then face the consequences of a spineless and confused government, following the politics of appeasement, which was elected to power by a set of people who were paid to vote in their favor.

Anshul Agrawal said...

I too support your views and Ankur views...

Especially the rules for voting should change, there should be law where people like us who are registered somewhere else but live somewhere else and hence cant vote.

Initially i hated the law of the middle east where life for life but now i think that law should be inforced in our country too... People here know that if they also kill someone, case will kepp going years and in the meanwhile they can easily get bail too... So atleast for these Terrorists should be hanged till death or they should be shot dead openly in the public...

I guess we need another KPS Gill and Operation Bluestar...