Friday, October 10, 2008

Quick Question

Would you marry your sweetheart or invest in your career?
(Can choose only one)


Anonymous said...

Marry my sweetheart :)

M doing just that :)

Anshul Agrawal said...

Till date, I don't have a sweetheart so obviously investing in my career... :)

Maverick said...

@worldthrumyeyes: nice! good luck to u!

@anshul: i should have framed the question better. apologies.

it should be: hypothetically assuming that you have a chance for both, which would you go for?

arch said...

wht wuld u do?
:) thst de bigger question
why cant i do both :) ill make "him" invest in de weddin hehe n ill invest in de career :) ("ofcourse hypothetically")

Maverick said...

@arch: ok. lemee think...

say its wharton (A) vs marriage (B)

to me, thats like a PSP game (A) vs Engg. Mechanics (B) or holidaying in Europe (A) vs working 18 hour days in Tokyo (B)

i choose all the A's ;)

also, at this moment in time, i dont think i can say honestly that i can be selfless enough to share my personal space with someone. the thought of compromising my freedom and my independence at the altar of marriage is really not appealing!

i do not want marriage or any associated baggage and responsibilities at this moment in time. my career is taking off and id love to earn a lot of money, travel the world and move up the corporate ladder without having anything holding me back.

Shweta said...

@ maverick

since when did marriage turn into a compromise of freedom and independence..its more about sharing lives.. u dont loose freedom and independence in the process .. u make it sound as though its a form of slavery !
as far as associated baggage goes depends on what u consider baggage ..responsibilities yes to some extent..
and i dont think ure partner will hold u back from doing well in life !!

Maverick said...

@shweta: sharing lives, yes. i do not disagree with that.

but at a personal and professional level, you have to think twice.

as a bachelor, i have seen people travel across 10 countries in 4 years without a break for work. is that amount of travel possible when in a marriage? the constant relocation and readjustments to different countries; would they be possible once one is hitched?

you might love to get that latest 100" LCD tv worth 10000 dollars, but instead you would think of investing in a dream home coz that money might be better invested in a joint future.

you might want to goto a top bschool costing a lot of money and your partner might want to goto a med school, again costing a lot of money. so, someone might have to sacrifice on their dreams, right?

you end up factoring in the partner and the consequences of your actions in your personal decisions for yourself as well, whether consciously or unconsciously.

im not taking sides on whether that is good or bad. for me, it doesnt work at this moment in time. thats all.

id love to hear from people for whom it does work!

Anshum said...

career toh banta rahega :)
you cant keep a good man down for long ...
sweetheart ko marry karege hum toh bhaiyya :)

Maverick said...

@anshum: im quite confident that you will openly demonstrate your kind-heartedness by throwing a major party for us all when the time comes ;)

as the great sachin did for his yorkshire teammates, you can also think of booking plane and hotel tickets for us ;) (in the other direction this time)

nek kaam mein deri kis baat ki? ;)