Friday, October 03, 2008

The Cycle of Life

Businesses undergo cycles of sustained periods of ups and downs. Similar to that, in the last 8 years, George Bush and his army of militants have brought the world to ruin (low point of the cycle). It might be argued that they were provoked by the 9/11 attacks. But to spread death and destruction across the world (most directly in Afghanistan and Iraq and indirectly in many other countries through further fostering fundamentalism by their idiotic actions) is unacceptable. Add to that the economic crisis that is festering, and you wonder why the world has to pay for the stupidity of one man and his army of arrogant duffers.

In the coming US Presidential elections on Nov. 4th, I would go with a vote for a (hoped) change.

John McCain has the credentials to be an experienced President, but it will be very difficult to break away from the policies of George Bush, once he is in the Presidential chair. Sarah Palin is a big-talking, hollow politician, who destroys the credibility and effectiveness of the McCain campaign. An experienced member like Mitt Romney would have contributed positively to McCain's campaign both in terms of policy and leadership experience, but that was not to be.

My reason for going with Barack Obama's campaign isn't Barack Obama. It is Joe Biden. Joe Biden's experience and standing neutralizes John McCain's and Barack Obama is the lesser of two evils when compared to the loud Sarah Palin.

Therefore, the Democratic ticket is the lesser of the two evils (provided Obama actually lives up to his theme of "change".) Personally, his words sound hollow, but owing to political reasons (John McCain constrained to carry forward the Republican policies owing to him being a Republican and Obama not wanting to carry them forward owing to him being a Democrat), it would be a better thing for the world, if Obama brings to an end this "ignorance and arrogance" fuelled US-led war on the world's stability and prosperity.

Barack Obama's not the man. Its Joe Biden (and John McCain on the other side). But together, they (Biden and Obama) give hope.

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