Monday, June 23, 2008

Silence Is Golden, Silence Is Golden :)

Its been 5 days(and nights) in Abu Dhabi so far. From losing my baggage to regaining it today, getting used to the life around here, feeling mad at the poor public transport and communications facilities to coming to terms with them. Beautiful Gujarati thali lunches and dinners, super-sized everything. Malayalis everywhere and office talk in Hindi and Malayalam.

Its been a novel experience. And works not even begun yet :)

Dads abroad, Sis travels often, Mom at home, me here. When did times turn such :) And the beauty of it is that love has no distances :)

All the weaknesses, naivete, open-eyed view of life of a young boy has crystallized into the cool, unruffled present. Theres no bitterness over the method of teachings, nor any pain. Coz Iv learnt that Silence is golden :) No matter how badly you are hit, no matter how hard your heart breaks, no matter what... travel is the balm to all that you wish to move on from :D

Jeena shayad isi ka naam hai.

Am looking forward to the experience.

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arch said...

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wondering what that is.....("golden silence" ) ....:).... stop wasn't tht funny