Tuesday, April 01, 2008

When We'r Hungry, Love Will Keep Us Alive :)

Iv had two love affairs in life and the second of those has been the MobileBanking project that I worked in for close to two years :) It took me on so many journeys, taught me so many things and in the end, left me like I was a nobody.

But, I'm not disappointed. And the reason, for those who have been in love, is understandable. It gave me a sense that cannot be explained and as much as I try, I cannot look back and regret it.

As I have thought back and said to myself so many times over the years: "She came into my life and left me a better person for someone else."

Dream On. Stay hungry. Stay foolish.


Oishee said...

maverick! how are you?! missed blogging so much... back again now!!! And as always, yours is the best!

Maverick said...

hi omi!!!!

good to have u back after soooooo long!

we should meet up now that we are both back in Mumbai!!! time and venue at your convenience!

Tushar Sathe said...

dude. dunno how i came up to ur blog.. but loved reading it.. i even added ur blog URL on my blog in the MUST READ section.. especially this post is so nice.. life never ends with one thing.. it is full of options.. cheerzz!!

Oishee said...

i am not in mumbai...still in brisbane. will have to w8 till july and we will surely meet up!!!