Thursday, March 20, 2008

One Man's Dream

My mom asked me tonight, if I was sad to be leaving Tokyo. And in an instant, the feeling I had been having ever since I started being in a position to go back, got a face.

Previously, I wasn't able to understand what I had been feeling with the topic of going back to India. And suddenly, when mom asked, it struck me. I really wasn't sad to go back.

And thats because, I have grown up so much as a person and a professional here.

I have worked hard to establish my name as a capable individual and succeeded. I have travelled and toured many parts of Japan and gathered an understanding and respect for it's culture. I have learnt to take myself less seriously and not be so rigid about life in general. I have learnt that being an Indian is an essential part of my identity, my makeup, my nature and by living elsewhere or being a passport-citizen of another country won't make me feel otherwise. Nor will I get the feeling of home like I do in India, because that is where family and love is.

Above all, I have learnt to dream and follow up on my dreams; in small or large measure, immaterial.

No. I am not sad to leave Japan. Japan has been kind to me, beautiful to me and has been a catalyst for my career.

I have had many, many fantastic experiences here and cherish them all. Right from the skiing trip to Gala Yuzawa to the beautiful sunsets of Kisorazu, over the last year and a half, I have been fortunate to have been witness to many such beautiful experiences.

Having mom over to visit, watching AC Milan live!, visiting Kyoto and Hiroshima with mom. Such fantastic memories that I will cherish life-long.

Tokyo is a beautiful experience in my life that I cannot ever forget. The people here are fantastic, the country beautiful and the culture is one of tolerance and humility.

But, it is also time for me to move on and (hopefully) use this experience to become a better person and a better professional.

I am prepared to meet life with optimism, cheerfulness and maturity.

Arigatoo Nihon-jin.


arch said...

come back soon :)
and may u have tons of more amazing experiences in the years to come...:)

Shweta said...

good luck !