Sunday, February 10, 2008

War and Peace - Part I

I decided I would write this article about a month back, when I read this news report on BBC.

"War is something absurd, useless, that nothing can justify. Nothing." Louis de Cazenave said so and this article can stop right here and the point would have been made.

But Im still gonna write ahead anyways. Maybe just to vent out my feelings on war. It's been building up for a long time now. Since, I want to say so much, I am going to make this a series. Starting with Part I then.

The first memory of me thinking about the futility of war and its consequences seem probably to start with the movie Lakshya. The character of Priety Zinta is sitting in a hospital canteen after having witnessed a soldier die and she talks of "Aman aur Shanti." And another soldier, who is a friend of the dead soldier flares up and ticks her off saying that the country cannot sell itself off and must defend oneself when some other country has made the first strike. Even soldiers do not want war, but they cannot sit back and watch as others attack ones country.

Even discounting the melodramatic lines of Priety Zinta's character, the sincerity of the words (mainly the soldiers) really touch you. I wonder what name I should give to this emotion? Helplessness? Desperation? Frustration?

Another poignant scene in the movie shows an officer who is wounded in battle, clutching his gun and a photo of his family and exhorting his men to go ahead and complete the mission. On their return, they find the office shot.

As a kid and even today, when I used to watch something scary, I used to tell myself to be calm by thinking that these incidents are only on film and so the actor will live, he wont be hurt in real life.

But I suppose these scenes are nowhere compared to the actual existences in real life.

More in Part II

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Anirrban said...

i agree wid u... but i still dont get ur point.. what do u wana say? i guess the next part should explain that...