Sunday, February 10, 2008

Religion and Life

I came across this today and it angered me. Why? To know more, read on...

It angered me coz first of all, we are wasting our time with religion. "How?", you may ask. The first thing that hits me is statements like "Archbishop of the Southern Cone, which covers much of South America." I wonder what gives one man the right to power to lead so many people. Wherever they choose to go immaterial.

Religion, fucking religion. Over centuries, it has led to so much bloodshed, so much hatred, so many divisions. I really question religion, what it stands for, when it can't guarantee people 2 square meals a day or a roof over their heads in the rain. And these fuckers have the time to make statements over religion and waste their lives pursuing a path that no one knows, where it ends.

Tell me, why the hell are we so fucking sensitive over Ram, Jesus, Prophet Mohammad? Did they solve the worlds political crises? From where I stand, they are only adding to it. Did they guarantee a good quality of living to the people across nations? Hell, no.

Infact, even a mention of their names just leads to trouble. Think how idiotic it is for people in Pakistan to lose their lives in riots caused by some cartoons in a Danish paper. This is completely unacceptable. No way of life can be greater than the value of a life itself. I care a damn what anyone says. Including our very own "defenders of Ram" aka BJP, Shiv Sena and Co aka The Religious Bullies. Each time someone so much as sneezes the word Ram or Mahabharat, these people go into seizures and destroy public property (which is bought using the hard-earned money I pay as taxes) or indulge in mindless acts of violence against people who have nothing to do with any of this. If these fuckers are so capable and brave, I say, let them face off against our Army. Double or nothing. Winner takes all. They will return home with broken bones, torn clothes and a beating they will never forget their entire lives.

We talk of Islamic radical elements in countries like Pakistan, Iran et al. But what about the Christian radical elements? History has been witness to the innumerable acts of violence in the name of Jesus propagated by vested interests.

It is this thing that makes my blood boil. I am of the opinion that faith is good. You can believe in Allah, Ram, Jesus or Johhnie Walker. It's a good thing having faith. It provides stability in difficult moments. But as far as I have seen, the concept of religion is abused by a certain people to send the masses in the wrong direction seeking faith. And coercing the masses to commit acts unteneble to the faith.

And they even justify it saying it's in the best interests of society! WTF... The best interests of society is when the basic requirements of Food, Clothing and Shelter are absolutely guaranteed and each human being has the means to achieve their dreams and live a semblance of the life they have a right to.

Since religion is such a touchy topic, no one will even listen when I say, seek your own faith, seek your own bearings, fuck the hypocrites. Coz that's what ALL these organizations propagating faith are. Maybe I am wrong. Coz something inside tells me that there are wo/men who actually dedicate their life to the cause of society and humanity. Mother Teresa is one who comes to mind instantly, Adi Sankaracharyar (Periyavar) again. These people used religion as a platform to build humanity, help humanity and teach people to live good, decent lives. If someone tells me, religion and religious institutions are what these people stood for, I can accept that.

What I cannot accept is people spouting Sanskrit scriptures (which they don't understand) and hope for the world to be a better place (for themselves primarily.) What I cannot accept is people teaching the world the finer nuances of Hinduism and indulging in corruption. What I cannot absolutely accept is one person killing another in the name of religion.

A human or for that matter, any other life, to me is the most precious of God's creations and no person, ABSOLUTELY no one, has the right to take it away from another. For years, I have debated with myself about the death penalty and I tend towards life imprisonment, but not death. None of us can create life. So, what gives us the right to take it?

This includes the religious zealots who torch innocent people's homes, rape women in the name of a religious riot and loot shops and homes.

Does religion need such a defence? In this case, is it being defended or raped by the acts of such opportunists?

What I fail to understand is the mass of fools who follow the leaders of such movements. To me Hitler was not the problem. The problem is justifying why so many men followed his orders. Hitler against the mass of men who worked under him was a no-brainer. Hitler would have been killed. But what drove so many people to carry on his evil work? Similarly, what drives so many people to commit such crimes in the name of religion, at the behest of a certain leadership? Is it the promise of heaven? Someone should tell the fuckers that such people go to hell. Maybe we should just let them hang between heaven and hell and keep swinging. Payment for their inhumane sins.

To all who preach on the significance of the Vedas and Upanishads, I have news for you. Religion isn't about Ram defeating Ravana. Religion cannot be about someone who killed someone. We talk about Dharma overcoming Adharma. But how is creating an eclipse to help kill Arjuna kill Jayadhrata (Krishna in the Mahabharata) justified? Battle should be fair and to me what Krishna did is wrong. My mom says, to maintain Dharma such acts are required and since it is God who is doing this, it is correct. But I disagree. No matter who you are. There are only 2 things to an action. Right and Wrong. The trouble is: the right path usually means problems for you; the wrong path usually means ease for you.

Which brings me to the conclusion and that is to me, Religion in the way we live life. Take my funda or leave it. I don't care either ways. To me religion is about being able to be Dharmic in the sense you are doing right things. How do you define "right"? Well, most of us know that anyways, don't we? We just choose to look the other way, most times. To me, it isn't so much about spouting words from the past, as much as it is about treatment of the people around you, devotion to your work, relationships, commitments. To me, religion is about not breaking an unspoken commitment, even when you have the chance to; not robbing someone, even when you have the chance to; being fair to people; being humane.

It isn't about standing on the top step of Harvard, taking a gold medal, but instead using your modest education to work towards touching the lives of people whom you don't need to help.

A somewhat dim reminiscence of a quote comes to mind: "Character is about how you treat people who can do you no good." Similarly, religion to me is about how you live life, whether anyone chooses to look at you or not.

I hope that when I die, I can see a changed world. A world where we no longer hear of bombs or bullets; a world where people stay together, work together and ensure a good quality of living for everyone; a world where farmers don't have to commit suicide; a world where kids don't die of malnutrition.

I hope that we all can work towards creating that world.


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Ralph Waldo Emerson:
"Religion is to do right. It is to love, it is to serve, it is to think, it is to be humble"

i think if people understand this then there will never be crimes in the name of religion.