Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Baap Ka Raj Hai Kya?

This is not acceptable.

No way is the MNS representative of Maharashtrians, let alone Maharashtra. No way is Maharashtra the sole asset of Maharashtrians. The Constitution of India grants each citizen freedom to travel across the length and breadth of the nation and engage in any occupation which is not detrimental to society or immoral. Apart from Article 370 of the Constitution which restricts the ownership of Property in Jammu and Kashmir, there is no law restricting ownership of property in any other part of the nation.

So, each time Bal Thackeray or Raj Thackeray or any other 2-bit goon says: "Mumbai is for the Marathi Manoos", ask them to go and revise the Constitution before speaking. Their attempts to hijack the fundamental rights of citizens of Maharashtra, be their origins from North India, South India or anywhere else, is just that: an attempt to hijack the fundamental rights of the citizens of Democratic, Secular, Sovereign India.

Their stand has no legal standing and their strong-arm tactics are tantamount to suppression of democracy and a contempt of citizen's rights. While I am a believer in non-violence, I think its high time the government, both Centre and State, answers the goondaism of these so called party-leaders with an appropriate response. It is the common citizen who suffers because Raj Thackeray wants to make his useless presence in politics felt. It is a regular Mumbaikar (and not only Maharashtrians) who face problems daily, when these fools decide to throw tantrums.

Burning buses in Dadar, stoning hospitals in Thane, burning homes in Kankavli. How does this benefit the society?

There are millions of people living in poverty in Dharavi and the many chawls that are spread around Mumbai, while these "representatives" live in government provided bungalows, highrises in posh areas and own large lands in prime spots. The ordinary family puts their children in government schools since they cannot afford the high fees and donations of private schools, but these "representatives" send their kids to the top schools charging fees that would run a village for a month. When they say they "understand the common man", "are fighting for the common man", I say NO, they are only serving themselves and making a fool of the uneducated masses or bigoted masses who will follow their rhetoric for want of a better goal.

I fail to understand how they are blaming the North Indians solely for the problems in Mumbai. How does a fruit-seller or a pani-puriwallah or a taxi driver contribute negatively? Don't we all enjoy eating a fruit chat outside college or a pani puri at Juhu beach or bless the cabbie who gets us to our exam center in time for the paper? I say these people infact help Mumbai work better and help the pace of life keep up.

While the argument that slums and chawls are populated by such people might be thrown at them, I say, it is the politicians who are to blame for the poor living conditions and the tax on the city's resources. They themselves cultivate the slum-dwellers as vote-banks and refuse to either improve their lives or work with the Municipal corporation to stabilize the real-estate and living conditions including water, electricity. Prime example coming to mind is G.R.Khairnar who was doing what the law stipulated and got suspended for doing his job.

The Shiv Sena has always had a history of violence to achieve its objectives or push through its point. The MNS under Raj Thackeray is following in the footsteps of the Sena. It's almost as if Raj Thackeray has to keep up with the Joneses (or the other Thackerays in this case) to prove himself. And ultimately, it is the common man who is being penalized for the mindset of these bigots.

While the majority may harp on reliance on legal measures, it is not sufficient to curb such narrow-minded bullies. It is not easy nor possible for the common man to group together and indulge in violence to combat these people. Besides, an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

The thing is, we might not beat them, but let's not bow down to them either. Mee moden, pann vaaknaar nahi! It's what they taught me in school, Raj Thackeray. How ironical, no?


Shweta said...

i think these people need some kind of serious counselling.. they have lost their ability to think :|
idiots !

Ford Prefect said...

I dont know ... What you say does make sense , but I believe in equilibrium ... The universe is pulled in all directions and thats what maintains the status quo ... I totally agree that Mumbai is not just for maharashtrians .. but then you cant deny the pain the city has to go through caused by the migrants ... The status of liverty might proclaim to invite everyone , but we all know that the US knly wants people who contribuite to its growth ... not thugs and thieves ....

Personally though , I would like the sena's to go after the Bangladeshi migrants and drive them thankless assholes out... Now that would actually solve some problems