Saturday, January 12, 2008

Today, The Future Is Bright

I should have been brain-damaged 24 years ago. But I survived (Some people might debate that :)

I should have been blinded 24 years ago. But I survived.

I should have been dead 24 years ago. But I lived.

At birth, there was an accident made by the doc and I would have been all or some of the first 3 statements made above. But I have lived. And what a life it's been!

It's been a life littered with many failures and disappointments in the professional and personal domains. And yet it's been a life I wouldn't live any other way.

Just coz, losing so many times has steeled my resolve to succeed in life. I know the pain of failure and it helps me succeed gracefully each day. It helps me love the people who love me more each day.

And besides, isn't the life I have a super-bonus that I should be thankful for?

This post is dedicated to Archie. Never give up. The world has to bow in favour of your dreams. There is no other way it can be. Just want it with all your heart. And if you don't get it, work harder.

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