Thursday, January 10, 2008

Man or ?

Am I capable of revisiting my old self? Or will the new-found steel be my ally for this lifetime? I want to go back, but the cold fear of the experienced fills me with dread and it's as if the present limbo is bliss considering the supposed price to pay.

Life always seems 2 steps ahead. Never allowing you to catch up. And just when you think you have it all, there is a void that not even "having it all" can fulfill.

As always, life wins and we stand as bystanders, watching in third person as it swings past. The amazement over its reach and absolute mastery is spell-binding. One must, but marvel at such dexterity. Such precision, such absolute devastation that the human mind wrecks over itself. Winning was given up a long time back. Just holding on seems to be a herculean task.

And then, I will wake up tomorrow.

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