Friday, January 25, 2008

India, O' India

Good morning India.
Tonight, as the whole world sleeps, I try to visualize my dream for you.

It's a vision of hope, hard work and optimism.
It's a vision of progress and equality.
It's a vision of peace and prosperity.
It's a vision of education and opportunity for all.

Looking to the past gives me courage and hope.
Looking to the future leaves me with many questions, but I know we will make it.

Don't you cry tonight, there's a heaven above you.
The clock ticks by and our destinies become more intertwined.

Imagine a world of togetherness and happiness.
Imagine all the people living in peace.
The promised pure land. We can have it all. We shall have it all.

We are but mere pebbles in the cosmos.
But we shall strive to make the best of what we are, of what we have.

We have but one life. But many destinies to fulfill.
Look up India. See your shining star.

We might be a few aeons away from reaching it.
But we will try till the last breath.
And never give up on reaching there.

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