Saturday, November 24, 2007

One Year!

Tonight I complete 1 year in Tokyo. It seems like yesterday that I set foot outside Narita Airport into the biting cold. When I look back over the last year, I sometimes wonder how quickly it went and sometimes feel it moved so slowly!

I have changed. Plain and simple. Much more confident, much more bindaas, much more impatient, much more rapid firing. Today, I walk with my head held high at all times. I walk knowing for the first time in my life, that I can achieve ANYTHING I want to. I am not afraid of the world, its crooked people, its ways. Quite simply, my self-confidence is so high and my mind is so secure now, that I care a fuck for this world and its shenanigans.

Through this experience, I have learnt the value of time, family & friends and having a goal in life. I have learnt that money is never a constraint to a dream. I have learnt to live alone and independently, yet not lost that love in my heart for my loved ones and close friends. I have learnt that whatever will be, will be: Just do what your heart says. Iv lived well. Iv managed to fulfill a lifetimes wish to bring and show mom Japan. To me, that makes my trip a success.

There are times when life has been hell, the workload has been mind-numbing, the efforts have taken a heavy toll: and having faced all this, I am now confident of facing any situation in life with a newfound aggression and vigour.

I have learnt to let go of lost causes, break-away from the past, meet life head-on and never give up on my dreams!

Above everything, I have learnt to value and respect time.

Thank you God. Thank you Amma and Appa. Love you Nithu. Thank you friends. Thank you Tokyo. Thank you for my success. And thank you for the memories.

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