Monday, October 15, 2007


Another year passed by.
I stood and watched the seasons turn.
The sun rose and the sun set.
I stood on the rocks watching the sky go from a early cyan to a late fire.

The ego chipped a bit more.
The angry young man mellowed.
However the questions still remain.
Theres no closure yet for the unasked questions.

Iv read about people wanting fresh starts.
Let me join the wanters.

My perceptions of life altered dramatically over the last year,
I stand without a reference point now.

Not knowing the past,
Nor the coming future.
Each day of the present, I die a silent death.

Someone looking will wonder whats the torment for someone who has it all.
For all the right words I know, cannot seem to put my finger on the reason.

Waqt se pehle, taqdeer ke bina...
Kuch nahi hota.

Till I search, till I find, I shall walk on.
Walk on with hope in my heart.

With all the ego breakers... this man also learnt patience in tough times.
And tough times never last. But tough people do.