Wednesday, August 08, 2007

An Inexplicable Incident aka It Was All In The Eyes

Tonight, I boarded the train home from Meguro station. Before the doors close, there is an announcement made over the public intercom system. Just before the announcement happened, a couple came walking. Slightly older (maybe in their mid 30s) and not married. Hand in hand they walked till the door of the train. She got in. He stayed back at the station. The door had still not closed. He never said a word to her and she never said a word to him. Not a goodbye, not a smile. He stayed watching her. He was fidgeting, trying to fan himself in this heat. Still, not a word. Not a goodbye. The announcement came and the doors closed. He kept looking at her. The train started moving. He waved goodbye. Not a word still. Quietly, he walked back.

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Nova said...


I guess the most beautiful things in life are unsaid :)