Saturday, July 21, 2007

Of Loyalty, Commitment, Ownership, Professionalism...

Yesterday night, we were all sitting at Maya Restaurant past midnight. Dinner had just been completed and we were relaxing as normal on a Friday night. And then started a debate on the principles of someone wilfully quitting a site, the impact of such an act on the persons career within iflex, the merits of a managers perspective (good or bad) on such a person and many others.

Other points that came up were those of loyalty - of an organization towards its employees and the employee towards the organization; professionalism - representing the company best at the client-site; ownership - taking full commitment for a project and pushing it through.

A lot of points were discussed, some of them personal, and probably I wont be able to go into them here. Even our senior-most site manager, Nikhil san joined in our discussion.

It was a combination of pragmitism, optimism, pessimism, hope, anger, pride and many more emotions, which flowed freely. But the cake was taken by a couple of comments from the person whos been there, done that. He put into words a very simple principle we all probably already know or believe in. He simply said: "Guys, this is the time to work hard. For the next 6-7 years atleast, work without having too many thoughts of seeing too much money. But always believe that the good people will never be left behind."

Personally, I believe it this a lot. Loyalty and commitment to me mean trying your best at all times, irrespective of the rewards waiting for you in the near-term. What is the motivation? Money? No. Position? No. Power? No.

It probably just is that you have the opportunity to do something that tests your ability and if your ability is able to make something happen, then what more satisfaction can you hope for?

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