Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Is This A Turning Point?

We received our performance appraisals today. And we got jacked royally. Why? I dont know. After hours and hours of tireless commitment and hard work, I got to hear: "Hey, there are many others like you. Stay in your place."

Yesterday, I was probably the happiest man on planet Earth. My system had a critical release going live, which was successful. In addition, I felt great when my friends Awadesh and Ganesh praised me, saying I was the heart of MobileBanking system. The praise and compliments felt good.

But, all the happiness came crashing down, when I was told that infact, my job was worthless and that I barely managed to keep my job infact.

Well, thats life I suppose. You are on top one day and at the bottom the next. And a managers perspective is so different from the ground reality. But from tonight, I am going into self-preservation mode. Now, I am in a dont-care state and I think, I have reached my breakpoint. I never thought this would happen, nor did I want this to happen. But my love for my project cannot prevent me from thinking "practically".

Forgive me MB. You know I always meant well.

P.S: May God be with the 7/11 blast victims and their families. Amen.

P.S: I completed 2 years in the industry today :) There are still some things to look forward to. This is just another learning along the way :)