Friday, May 04, 2007

Missing You...

I miss driving.
I miss South Indian functions.
I miss vada-sambar.
I miss rossogollas.
I miss my friends.
I miss my friends laughter on a joke that I told.
I miss being cared for.
I miss the sun.
I miss Mumbai in the rains.
I miss my Zen.
I miss football.
I miss masala dosa.
I miss dahi vada.
I miss Gurukripa ke samosas (with extra sweet chutney.)
I miss my friends from office.
I miss being caught in a traffic jam and chatting with bus friends to pass the time.
I miss having debates about the present state of Indian cricket.
I miss the parties back home with pals :)
I miss Indian girl(s) ;)

I miss being home.


Anshum said...

Me too :)

arch said...

we miss ya too :)
come back jaldi n wel make sure u do all those things again (dunno bout de girls though) hehe

Maverick said...

@anshum: yeah man... can understand :)

@archie: :) from what you told me the other day, im hoping i wont have much trouble ;) LOL

Anshul Agrawal said...

I understand...