Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Moment of Brilliance... And Back To Square One...

I managed to fix an issue today that had been plaguing our system for the past month. Had tried all sorts of fixes but none worked. And last night, as I was at home, a probable solution struck me all of a sudden. It was a very simple and yet a very logical solution.

Came to office today and tried my approach. And voila! It worked. I was so damn excited. In my mind, I began to gloat.

However, after analyzing some more, I felt that I could optimize the fix more and create a foolproof solution. I tried it and it worked. And all my gloating came crashing down to the earth. I felt shattered that such a simple solution had eluded me over the past month. It was like having the wind knocked out of me.

I don't know why, that inspite of having fixed a super-critical issue, I am feeling down in the dumps because such a simple solution did not strike me.

I am re-evaluating the steps that I took previously in my failed attempts to solve this issue to analyze if there was an error in process of thoughts to fix this problem. I know I should have thought of this solution ages back, but what to do?

What's gone is gone. The system is working cleanly now. And I did manage to fix it.

Yet somehow, there is a void. I failed to fix it early on. It is my fault that I did not follow a proper thought process to analyze the root cause. My insufficient system knowledge (caused due to not reading the documentation end to end) led to my failure. I am feeling ashamed, gutted over my mistake.

I have made many professional mistakes (including the current one), which is fine. But somehow, I feel like I let down my team due to my lack of focus and improper processes.

I shall work hard to overcome this thought process error.

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