Friday, April 27, 2007

Living Life One Day At A Time... Living A Day One Life At A Time...

I'm gazing,
At the vast open harbour waterline...

The day goes from blue to fiery to dark...
And I sit, without yesterday or tomorrow in sight.

Standing in the middle of vastness,
The only thoughts are of the ones who can't stand beside me.

Mind numbing loads, now replaced by a commitment to attempted excellence.
A sense of belonging,
A sense of longing.

I cannot stand beside my friends to comfort them.
I cannot stand beside my loved ones to comfort them.

A silent sigh and a strongly forgetful memory is all I have :)

Its not even about the money.
Its a mission. To finish what we have started.
Its a mission. To make people share the vision we have built.

Living with pain is an experience.
Pain is a lifetimes worth of experiences in a short while.

But what does not kill us only makes us stronger.

I just wish that we all would live this life with no sorrow and only joy.
But without a negative, how can we appreciate the value of our present?

Life is a story of second chances.
In sport, in love, in goals.

And the ones left standing arent the ones who remained unbeaten,
They are the ones who fell down, picked themselves up and aimed for the win.

Life in a nutshell, is about the well taken second chances.


Ships said...

Hey H****,

True that I had almost lost touch wid the world of blogging... Just read thru most of ur posts... it just amazes me then n again how u pen down ur thoughts into words wid such ease.

Loved this post the most...
n these lines the most -->

Life is a story of second chances.
In sport, in love, in goals.

Aye aye sir...

Till the next time...

Maverick said...

Hey D*** ;)

Thanks for stopping by.

Arigatoo Gozaimasu.. :)