Saturday, February 10, 2007

This Too Shall Pass...

The last few months have been very helpful to my career at this stage. I have been given a foreign assignment at a very young age, it looks good on the CV and helps my bank balance. As Andy put it: "People write on their resumes that they did an imple without ever doing it. You are actually going to do an imple at one of the fastest rising banks in a First World country. Look at the experience you will be gaining."

Also the personal learnings that come each day are something that are helping me both personally and professionally. From nowhere to somewhere would probably be a simple way of putting it.

However, each time I sit back and look at my good fortune, I am reminded constantly of the times when nothing went right, no one stood by my side and each day seemed like it was worse than the previous days. I lived through those days with an unbending hope and will power that I won't give up in any circumstance. Not that it didn't get to me or I didn't voice my frustrations at times :). But in my heart, I always knew that this too would pass and there would always be sunshine tomorrow.

In one of the proudest periods of my life, only I know how I put my head down and worked harder than regular, changed my attitude towards life, let go of the past, brought in mental discipline and basically stared down one of the most crucial periods of my life and I won. To take an analogy from one of my life's loves, football, it is something akin to being the guy who takes the final penalty for your team to keep them in the game. You miss... your team loses. So missing isn't an option. And by Gods grace, whether on the football field or in life, I haven't missed when it has mattered.

That period, along with a huge dose of luck, has shaped everything that I am as a person today. And as I look back, I see that I am the sum of not just the good times, but infact moreso the bad times, because that was the period that really taught me most of life's lessons, much better than what the good times would have taught.

Along the way, I have exorcised my personal demons and let my work do the talking. And each time, I have constantly told myself not to ever give up on my principles or to take the easy way out. Theres something much more at stake than success or fortune for me to do that.

However, I always tell myself, just as the bad times gave way for the good, the good times MUST give way for the bad. It is the very principle of human existence. Things go around in cycles and this good time too shall pass. Tomorrow, all this that I have will go away and rightfully so. Because... Without seeing failure, how can one value success? Without feeling pain, how can one love purely? Without feeling jealous, how can one learn indifference? Without being insecure, how can one learn self-confidence? Without being down, how can one rise? Without seeing Greatness, how can one be humbled?

In my case, I am a flawed person. I am not perfect in mind and deeds like some people I know or have heard of. I still have insecurities to iron out, personality traits to change, become less immodest. In short, there is still a long way for me to go to becoming that ideal man that I promised I would be (The fact that I will probably never be so pure or good is also known to me subconsciously, but then, one can always try to improve on ones weaknesses, can't one?)

My Mom tells me that this cycle will always be there, but in all times, we must keep a balanced mind and never be too swayed by either the good or bad times. And one must always trust in GOD and believe that HE does everything for a reason and always for our good.

I agree.

Why life varies between extremes, I don't know. It would be much simpler to live an ordinary life, unaffected, untouched. But I do know that the more one becomes detached and self-sufficient, the variations seem to affect one lesser and lesser.

From my experiences, the lessons I have learnt were:

  • When faced with failure, inspite of working hard. Work harder.

  • When faced with disappointments, always have hope.

  • When faced with dishonesty, always be honest and straightforward.

  • Never think that the only way to success is to screw people.

  • And most importantly :)

  • When people say you CAN'T, give them a few years. You will be doing exactly what they said you couldn't and it will always be heard that: "Oh my God! I never thought you would..."

I am not afraid of being the guy who loses it all, like I will one day. I am not afraid of being the guy who has to work his way up again. As the great Alain Prost said: "Till you do it, you think you can do it. Once you do it, you KNOW you can do it."

This too shall pass...

I have done it before. I know I can do it again. I KNOW that I can be that kid who stood with a strong heart and fire in his soul to take that final penalty kick unfailingly.

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

P.S: Please don't misunderstand this post to be written for me to show off to everyone where I am. That certainly wasn't my intention in writing this post, which I consider my best work in all that I have written so far. My reason was merely to share my simple life story with all those who seem to not be having things going well for them at this moment in time. Because, if I can have a lucky break with my lesser ability and standing, then definately you, my readers will be having much brighter futures than what I have talked about so far.

This post is essentially of the theme that a better day does come in all our lives, and probably we should thank the Almighty for having given us the blessing to live to see that day.

It also reiterates that one musnt be too attached to the materialistic things as said by the wise teachers and gurus over the ages. Things and situations come and go, and probably the quest of life is to learn how to cope with anything that comes our way.

And probably tonight, for the first time in all these blogs, I have written as much for my readers as I have always written for myself. Because, I want to share my life's theme with all of you. And that is always live on hope. The rest of all actions, whatever you name them, derive from that. Through this post, I wish to be that voice that tells you: "You can do it...", "You were born to be great...", "This too shall pass..." and mean it honestly, since we all know that life is cruel and kind in turns to all of us. If I manage to do that, I will consider that my blogging and always being open about my life and sharing the most private of thoughts (minus some) has been worthwhile.

As I read recently: "Hope is a good thing. Maybe the best of all things. And no good thing ever dies."

I wish you a wonderful life... :)


shweta said...

hey wish you loads of luck in whatever you do :)

Maverick said...

@shweta: thnx :) wish u the same :)

arch said...

i think this was certainly one of ur nicest blogs.n u knw wht when "this passes" i hope it brings u an even better tomorrow...wishin u a wonderful life ahead...

Gotta Be Max said...

One of the best blogs on hope that I have seen in recent times!
I am personally going through this phase of life where I could do with words like these.
As much as I am living on hope, it is difficult to do so!
Your words have made a lot of difference!

- Max

Maverick said...

@archie: :) thnx :)

@max: hang in there buddy! glad my words culd provide some solace...

stephen covey in "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People" says: "Treat love as a verb. Even if you cannot love someone, just love her." (am quoting from memory) Basically, he means to say that one must just DO things sometimes over a period of time to go forward.

I guess however difficult life is for us at various moments, the only way out is to LIVE... through it, past it and looking back, be proud of ourselves.

Good luck man!