Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mast Life

Today, I complete 3 months in Japan. The first thing after arriving was to travel to Mast Life Apartment in Nishi Gotanda, which was to be my home. I entered flat 308 and was shocked by the smallness of the studio apartment. The entire apartment was approximately the size of my room back home. Probably, it was one of the factors that also made me feel homesick on the first night. I decided that work and money be damned. Im going home by the first flight in 3 months.

But as time passed, I grew more accustomed to feeling this apartment as my "home". I dislike the word "room" which most people use for their places of living (particularly people living outside their homes and in my industry. I see this as a very common usage. I keep quiet, but I don't like it.) To me a home is a special place. A place of love, security, peace, privacy, happiness. And somehow, the word "home" is very special to me. I don't know why. Just.

Tomorrow, I move away from No. 308, Mast Life to a place called Tamachi, where I will be sharing my home with a couple of friends. And even I am surprised that the initial feeling of shock over a small apartment has been replaced with an almost sentimental feeling of loss over having to leave this home. It's embarassing almost, but it is the truth and so be it. I will miss No. 308. I will miss my times here of the last 3 months.

My first home away from home. My first place where I made sambar :), learnt to make good alu mutter, rajma :), my first home where I bought some gadgets for myself with HIS and THEIR blessings. My thoughts when in this room, my blogging, my privacy. My discussions and calls with various people. I will carry many memories of No. 308. I will carry memories of people's kindness, their cooperation, joint lunches, lunctime FRIENDS episodes, night outs :)

I am just one of many people that have lived here. This home is one of many I have lived in in my life. But, somewhere, it became a part of my life. Somehow, I am leaving a part of me here.

Mast Life 308 - Home Sweet Home. Farewell friend...

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