Sunday, February 04, 2007

Forza Italia - Part II - Italy Till I Die

WC 1994 - Beaten by Brazil on penalties in the final. I cried quietly.

WC 1998 - Beaten by France on penalties in the quarterfinals. I cried quietly.

Euro 2000 - Beaten by a golden goal by David Trezeguet in the finals. I was broken, but didn't cry.

WC 2002 - Beaten by South Korea by a golden goal in Round 2. I was shattered, but didn't cry.

WC 2006 (Semifinal)- We beat Germany in the semi-finals. I felt confident and happy.

WC 2006 (Final) - Zidane scored a goal in the 7th minute. I felt we still could win somehow.
Materazzi scored in the 19th minute and I felt vindicated and absolutely on fire.

Italy won the World Cup 2006 on penalties.

We had one of the worst records of penalty taking and I have seen Italy lose every match that went into penalties, barring the semifinal of Euro 2000, where we won with 10 men against Holland after Zambrotta was sent off in the 27th minute (However we lost the finals after leading for most part through a Wiltord goal and Trezeguet's golden goal.)

And yet the moment of truth came through the penalties, which have given so much pain over a course of 12 years :) How much more vindication can one have than to wait an eternity and then win by overcoming those very same obstacles that have kept you away from something you loved for so long :) This is the meaning of life to me... Love truly and always hope that your truth brings you through the darkness that seems inconquerable to all but yourself.

Sports is my life and I am eternally grateful to it's teachings.


Forever and always...

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