Monday, February 19, 2007

A Beautiful Mind

I was watching the movie "A Beautiful Mind" tonight and as is our system, we watch parts of stuff over lunch and dinner which is the only free time in a day we get :) Part I was seen a few nights back and I immediately sensed that it might be a movie I would love watching.

Part II was seen tonight and I really enjoyed the movie overall, though it was painful to see John Nash's trials and tribulations, I also marvelled at the God-given intelligence that a man can possess. Pure brilliance is so beautiful...

I have met countless people in my life, infact, all people I have met in my life, have left me speechless at one point or the other with their intelligence, wisdom, brilliance, humility. And, no, it has never made me feel bad, for not being good enough. Infact, it somehow gladdens me that these people chose to share their knowledge with me and helped me.

True intelligence is a great thing and must be celebrated. Great institutions make great men. And great men make great institutions. I believe that it is symbiotic. Great men and great institutions go hand in hand. One cannot be without the other. Atleast, I believe so.

But, does greatness know itself? Would the great men know they are great? Won't it be normal for them? Regular? Can it be pre-ordained? Or is it the course of a human being's life and the way it is conducted that makes it great?

This movie touched a deep chord in my heart. It brought out the frailties and the strengths of the human mind. A brilliant mathematician and yet afflicted by schizophrenia. Subjected to difficult treatments and finally his own willpower, and not the medicines, helped him overcome his disability.

John Forbes Nash Jr. is the proponent of one of my favourite mathematical and economics concepts, Game Theory. I have the highest regard for him, for the work he has done and all that he has achieved in his brilliant career. His life story is described here. But to me, after reading up on him, his greatest achievement is his will power in living with and working on his schizophrenia, his quest to achieve and study more maths, his single minded commitment towards the cause he was probably destined for.

Maybe the greatest thing about greatness is having a great heart... They too are symbiotic... One cannot be without the other...

John Forbes Nash, Ladies and Gentlemen...

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