Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Nothing Much To Say, Not Much To Do

That's how Andy describes himself on Orkut. Andy - my friend, PL, mentor, hero...

Andy (aka Arindam) is a true Bong's Bong :) A lover of all things Bengali, a hardcore chai fanatic, non-veg lover. A cricket lover and a fellow Sourav Ganguly fanatic fan :) It felt so nice to have someone to share the stories of Dada's greatness with :)

He was also my project leader and friend and we shared the same lunch group with Chaddha, Gaurav, Ananya and Prakash bhai. Today was his last day in i-flex and I am sorry to see him go, but as someone put it, also it's good since he is happy to be going elsewhere.

I have received many uncalled for lectures from people on the need to stay calm and cool, but Andy taught it to me in a very brilliant manner. He led by example. I have never seen him ruffled, ever. I have never seen him raise his voice, ever. I have never seen him get into an argument, ever. All he did was make friends wherever he went and even in Tokyo, I hear a lot of good things about him from the people who knew him here (He was in Tokyo for 2 and a half years and worked in one of the most difficult and pressure-filled positions: Production Support) And he was one of the most humble guys I have ever known. Even though he is a Bond, he never made it seem such. You were always better than him, you always caught on faster than him, you always tried harder than him. While none of this was true, he made you feel like you had potential in you, he made you want to come to work and give it the best you got, he made you want to share jokes when times got rough, he made you think that doing big things was just routine. And he made you enjoy life like he did and honestly, he made you change your perspective on life like very few people can.

Andy is the sort of guy you need as a mentor in the early stages of your career, since it instills good habits like a cool and composed manner, leadership through example and putting a humane face to pressure filled work.

I have truly learnt a great deal from him and my tribute to him would be to emulate him...

Great luck dada... You are a shining star for us and surely going to be a shining star someday soon for the world too :)

Till our paths cross again... A heartfelt thank you and best wishes for your future...