Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Mouna Ragam...

Mounam in Tamil means Silence and Ragam is the Tamil word for Raga or Raag as North Indians say it.

It is a Tamil movie that my mom loves a lot. I have seen it a few times and loved it. The Wikipedia article can be found here

Mouna Ragam is the story of of 3 people. Divya, Manohar and Chandru, played by Revathi, Kartik and Mohan.

Divya and Manohar are lovers facing parental opposition, because Manohar is not very well off.On the way to their court marriage, Manohar meets with an accident and dies. Divya is shattered and later marries Chandru, whom she doesn't love from the start. He is a well employed manager in Delhi. The couple moves to live in Delhi and there are a few comic moments showing the typical South Indian problems with Hindi as shown faced by Divya.

She makes it clear to Chandru that she is not interested in him and doesn't want to stay married to him. Chandru agrees and tells her that he is ready for a divorce, but legally it will take atleast a year for them to get the divorce. So, they decide to live under one roof, but aloof from each other.

Chandru is a kind man, but Divya treats his kindness with an uncaring attitude. In one of my most vivid scenes from the movie, it's breakfast time and Divya's parents have come to their home. Divya calls Chandru for breakfast, but he insults her in front of her parents and walks to his car to goto office. Divya gets angry and follows him and demands an explanation. Chandru says: "Nama pirinjapiraga, ava nanekyapradh, yella tapp onn mela taann..."(After we separate, your parents should not feel that the blame lies solely with you.)

Chandru faces Union problems at office and takes panga with the Union leader, who gets him beaten up by goons later. Chandru is badly hurt and rendered insufficient of taking care of himself. Now, Divya brings him home and starts treating him, tending to all his needs. Over time, Chandru recovers and soon it is time for their one year of marriage to be completed.

As per his word, Chandru gets the divorce papers with his signature and gives them to Divya and says that she is free to leave. Divya is to take the train to Madras. Chandru escorts her to he station and she boards the train. Once in the train, she wishes that she was not leaving him, and now regrets her actions and her asking him for a divorce.

In the final scenes of the movie, Chandru reaches home. He opens the door and inside, Divya is waiting for him. She got down after 2 stations and came home.

The song is Nilave Vaa from this movie. Music is by Illayaraja sir. Sung by SPB sir (S.P. Balasubramaniam). It is one of my favourites.

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