Saturday, January 20, 2007

The Fountainhead - Deja Vu

Two books that have influenced my life strongly are "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen Covey" and "The Fountainhead - Ayn Rand"

Stephen Covey's book helped me resurrect my life that was in shambles, going nowhere personally and professionally. It helped me sort out my priorities, see nothing but what I needed to see to stay afloat and instilled a sense of purpose and direction in me, which was powerful. And I have only read one chapter of that book and never touched it again till today. So you must be wondering why the title of the post is the name of the other book, when such a deep impact has been made by Book 1 :)

It is because the second book is the God by which I live my life today. The principles discussed in the book were so difficult that it took me a month of emotional turmoil to get through the book. I was absolutely fascinated by the characters, their motivations, their behaviours. I personally wanted to place myself in the shoes of the protagonist, Howard Roark, but there were elements of all the characters combined in various proportions in myself, I observed. So, in short, being the hero doesnt suit me :)

So why am I going back to it today? I don't know, but I think I know...

There is this character of Dominique Francon that is the epitome of perfection in a woman and flawless. I remember recommending this book to someone and after reading it, she said she liked the book too.

She came in like a breeze into my life and left like a storm. In the middle I spent about 3 very great years being friends with her. Knowing her helped me know myself better and iron out my insecurities.

All those meaningless laughters and PJs and sharing of dreams and just talking and going on forever, the concerts, the musical discussions, Niladri :), the fights, the make ups, the untold understanding, the breakup of that understanding, my silence when she wanted to say something, and finally her silence when I wanted to say something, and then... both our silences...

What does this have to do with the books? Good question...

I lost my Dominique Francon. But the circles of influence, as explained by Stephen Covey helps me say: "What's gone is gone and life is such... Tough luck..."

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Paradox Philic said...

Liked the way how you linked these two totally unrelated books.

By the way, Fountainhead is one of my all time favourites too (There i said it! had stopped mentioning the realisation that throwing this name had become more of a fad than anything else by the wannabe intellectuals :P)