Friday, January 26, 2007

Dear Nallu Teacher

Dear Nallu Teacher,
Hi. Remember me? I am the little kid who joined KPS in the 2nd semester of Sr. KG. I completed a semesters portion in a week, and you were so happy that you loved me a lot.

You asked my mother to inculcate the reading habit in me, which has shaped my life today. People respect me, say that I am very smart/intelligent, say I speak very well, say that my ideas inspire them, say that I help them come out smiling after being down. But, they don't know that the foundation for all these outward things and for shaping me and my life was laid by you giving me the love and supporting and guiding me when I was a young kid.

My mother told me today that I owe my success in life and everything else to you and I will anyday say that she is 1000000% true and right. Not only my success, I owe everything in life to GODs such as yourself who walked into the life of a nobody like me and brightened it up so much that each day I wonder what right I must have done in all my previous births to deserve such kindness.

Dear Nallu teacher, then today when I am reaping the rewards of the conscientitious work that you did with me, why have you left me suddenly? Today when I am doing well in life, why are you not here to see it? Why are you all leaving me one by one, just when I have begun to show the results of all that you invested in me?

I wanted to come to Mithapur and meet you someday. I wanted to come back to my childhood and meet all of you who loved me so much and blessed me. Then why didn't you wait for me to come? I would have been so happy to see you.

Please tell me that you haven't left me... Please, please...

Tonight, my heart is broken Nallu teacher. I am not so strong. Who will I come home to now...

And yet, my mother tells me your son's story and tells me that life is such, it is destiny and one must take life as it comes. Tonight after a long time, teacher, I have cried.

I thought I would die a broken hearted man tonight, teacher. But, my mother is telling me that you are a noble soul and you will guide me from heaven now. I bow down to GOD tonight and I bow down to you too teacher.

I promise you that I will make full use of your blessings and work for others like you did. You gave many like me a chance at a good life, and lifted us from what we might always have been.

Dear Nallu teacher, this is my final good-bye to you. Here forward, I hope that I can live my life well and someday meet you in Heaven.

I will come with my English textbook again...