Sunday, December 31, 2006

The New MacBook. Post #1 :)

This is the first of many posts coming up from my new macbook :) It truly is a beautiful machine and definately a work of art. I look forward to a great time with this laptop.

Wish all of you a very very happy new year from me. May all your dreams come true this coming year and in the years ahead :)


Anshul Agrawal said...

Congratz !!! on becoming a proud owner of Apple MacBook n also other gizmos like iPod n DigiCam....

Maverick said...

@anshul: firstly, wish u a very happy new year... koi party rakhi ke nahi iCE ne new year ke liye :)

as for the congrats, thanks man... lagta hai khabar kafi jaldi fail jaati hai :)

and haan... mere 300 rs refund kar dena jaldi... :) in sab cheezon ko khareed ke jeb mein bada sa hole ban gaya hai ab :)