Friday, December 29, 2006

Come... Come... Come Into My World

Another year whizzes by...

- I was in training with my new company at the start of the year.
- I am working abroad for my company by the end of the year.

- I started the year at 22 years of age.
- I am finishing the year at 23 years of age.

- I learnt to put the past behind.
- I went back to a point in the past to partially rollback life.

- I made many new friends, learnt so much about life from them, enjoyed their zest for life and joie-de-vivre, and learnt to enjoy myself and just do things and live in the present always.
- I also looked into myself and saw a solitude that is an essential part of me. A part of me meant for no one in the world.

- I was fortunate to be in iCE, organizing events, meeting new interesting people.
- I am fortunate to be in Tokyo, planning to goto Roppongi for New Year's eve.

- I learnt that somewhere inside me, there is someone who CAN love...
- I also learnt that it is not time to share that yet...

- I learnt that I miss people. I am concerned for them. I should be more vocal about it to them.
- I learnt it after going away.

- I learnt to enjoy life. Be a little carefree. Not be analytical about all that is there in this world.
- I learnt that the only way forward is through careful planning and proper execution along with a healthy dash of luck.

- I lost a dear part of my family.
- ...

- I started learning to play music, something I had been waiting for 6 years to do.
- I had to give it up after 2 classes due to my trip to Japan.

- I had great mentors to guide me, to teach me, to show me the way forward. And I owe them all that I have today and will have in future...
- ...

- My mother turned 50 and we had a divine day, arranging Poojai for her birthday and the welfare of the family.
- The same day, I let out my pent up emotions after one and a half years for an irreplacable loss and an absent member of the family, feeling gutted that they could not be with us to enjoy such a divine, god-given day.

- I am starting this post on my office desktop.
- I shall finish the year with a post on my new Apple MacBook :)

Wish all of you a very very happy new year :) May God grace you with all the happiness you deserve and many many great experiences in the year to come :)


shru said...

we are here to stay wid u in ur world :).... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Maverick said...

@shru: :) i got that message from ur words now... :)