Thursday, November 23, 2006

Life's Calling... Where Are You?

I start on my trip to Japan from tomorrow. Seems like a distant happening. Seems like it is happening to someone else. It probably hasn't sunk in yet. There's a mixture of excitement, anxiety and a calmness that I know how to learn and that's what matters. Above all, there is this feeling that I am blessed by all...

Am waiting to exhale... Am waiting to live this new phase of my life for I don't know, how much time to come... Am waiting to make good the dreams of all the years I have lived... All those days when I thought life would take off, my career would take off... I hope this is the start of that dream, that hope...

My friends tell me that I deserve it, I have worked very hard for it and they are happy for me. But somehow, I feel I am walking towards my destiny. Nothing more. I believe in destiny to a certain extent that it is guided by our Karma - past and present. I believe more in present Karma, but somehow also give importance to past Karma, owing to various happenings around me and from the teachings of more learned ones.

In a more practical perspective, I guess as one of the lines on my desktop says: "Career planning is an oxymoron. The best opportunities in life tend to be unplanned." I believe that hard work and dedication is essential, not optional, and it is a given to be successful. One can probably take short cuts to short-term victories, but it's my view that, even though the world may have changed, only those people who are technically very proficient in their field and dedicated towards delivering quality will succeed. The dedication musn't come from the lure of money or opportunity alone. I believe that it is something very intrinsic to any individual. It comes from within. It is individual attitude. And as most things in this world, some have it, some don't.

"Work smart, not hard." is the mantra of the current generation. How about "Work hard. Be smart."? :) I believe that to be successful, one needs a lot of luck in this world and it is hard work that creates this luck for us to enjoy.

Having said all this, I give enough room to the fact that there are N number of people in this world and therefore there are N number of life stories. So there is no one right way.

All said and done, thank you for all your blessings and best wishes. I believe what I am and where I am going is all due to this.

My life's calling. And I was born ready...

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