Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Self-Truth, Freedom And A Woman's Worth

When you have been talked about as much as I have, you'll realize how little it matters. Just think, there's not a home in Charleston where I am received. Not even my contribution to our just and holy Cause lifts the ban.

You talk scandalous!
Scandalously and truly. Always providing you have enough courage - or money - you can do without a reputation.

Money can't buy you everything.
Generally it can. And when it can't, it can buy some of the most remarkable substitutes.

Above all else, my favourite:
The Confederacy may need the lifeblood of its men but not yet does it demand the heart's blood of its women. Accept, dear Madam, this token of my reverence for your courage and do not think that your sacrifice has been in vain, for this ring has been redeemed at ten times its value.
Captain Rhett Butler.

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