Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Oops... They Did It Again

A lot of credit must go to Team India... It MUST take a lot of planning, preparation along with dollops of "experiments" to lose and keep losing. Even better is the Ostrich-with-head-in-sand mentality of not learning from ones stupendous "experiment" failures and keep redoing the same thing again and again. (Maybe the Indian team is secretly endorsing Microsoft Windows, where if for some reason, something doesnt work, closing all your windows and restarting your PC, and redoing the operation solves the problem.)

The BCCI should probably provide Sehwag and Sehwag ki Maaji with Lifetime free calling cards, so that Sehwag can make calls to Maaji in the free time that he gets between Overs 5 and 50 (since he is usually back in the pavilion by then)

To Irfan Pathan, it would be a good time to ask for a hike in his next Performance Appraisal. Tell BCCI: "Yaar, you chaps want me to bat. You want me to bowl. I am doing the work of Sehwag and myself in each match. I want a 100% hike. Nahi toh, I have a very good offer from New Zealand to join their team..." Probably, then Dravid and Chappell can sit with Irfan and give him some gajars... "Dekh beta, you have a very good future in front of you. Wait it out a little bit, and we will send you onsite to Nepal to learn wicket-keeping. It will be a good skill addition to your already impressive resume."

The Indian selectors want to put out fast moving fielders on the field in ODIs so that runs can be saved. Hence, apna Very Very Special Laxman is Very Very Sad. Last heard, he was trying out for the Prabhu Deva Dance Troupe and the Indian Athletics squad, in the hope of finding the flexibility and speed required for the modern One Day game. What happens to batting and bowling, you ask!!! How dare you?

Mumbaicha Mulga, Ramesh Powar must be feeling like someone who goes from an Indian IT company to work for Microsoft. From the big fish in a small pond (Mumbai) to a small fish in a big pond (Team India), must have been a real culture shock for him. Last heard:
Ramesh: "Deva re Deva... Mee chal-lo Mumbaila... Ithe kantal yete mala... Drinks gheun jaycha hota tar mee Pepsi kinvha Coca Cola chya field manager aslo hoto..."(I am going to Mumbai... Im bored... If I only had to carry drinks, I might as well have become a field manager with Pepsi or Coca Cola.) Vroom...Vroom... Is that a truck I hear in the background? And is that Ramesh at the wheel???

The selection policy of the BCCI is really skewed. They have a host of young, promising openers like Robin Uthapa and Shikhar Dhawan to choose from. Yet, they pick a Sehwag, who didn't score any runs in the earlier matches and then in the last game before selection, went and scored a patient 65 to retain his place in the team. They drop Ramesh Powar, who has performed well for India in the limited time that he has gotten and is a known fighting player for Mumbai, who always gives it his all. For the No. 3 slot, they would rather have a bowler go and slog, while we have class batsmen like VVS and apna Dada available, with all their class and experience. They left out Sreesanth for the Champions Trophy for whatever reasons best known to them only. They left out our best bowler, Anil Kumble after lablelling him a Test player, when he could have used his experience and talent to keep one end bottled up and the pressure on the opposition. And if you wanted a class wicket-keeper batsman, you only have to look at Ambati Rayadu, who has been the Junior Team captain for India.

On CNN-iBN, I heard Raj Singh Dungarpur say that Dada is finished and he is just hanging around too long. I think one should remind Mr. Dungarpur that his blue eyed boy, Dravid was considered a very poor One Day player and he has managed to resurrect his game and reach where he is. For the comment that they need good, fit fielders in the team, which is the reason why VVS is out, one must remind them that irrespective of the modern game, its the batting and bowling skills that come first. And mind you, VVS is a very good slip fielder and a boundary runner.

I do feel that there are a lot of personal biases at work, but that's just me. With all due respect to Dravid, which isn't much from my side, the nucleus of probably the best team that India had (World Cup of 2003 and the Australia Test series of 2003), was laid by Dada. And today, Dada is paying the price for taking on the higher authorities, trying to remove the regional bias from the game and backing players he believed in. Alright, he might be a bit out of form, but as I always believe, you are always only an innings away from greatness...

For all of this, whichever way it goes, win or lose, maine apne Dada ki baat sun li and there will be only 1 team I support: Team India...

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