Saturday, September 23, 2006

The Return Of Me

It started with a call I almost never made, didn't intend to, but somewhere deep down in my conscience, knew I should. It wasn't an option. It was a compulsion.

It started with a call I could not attend as I was on a call with my onsite team. Followed by a message asking to rollback the last one and a half years. It was a request I almost didn't want to honour, but somewhere deep down in my conscience, knew I should. It wasn't an option. It was a compulsion.

If pressed to ask why I was compelled, I can only say that because it was her, because it was me.

Unlike databases, it isn't easy to just rollback to a previous point in life. But I guess, it isn't impossible and shouldn't be impossible either.

Came home and went without even a twit of care for my appearance or presentability (in short unshaven and unkempt :)

Reached in time and was greeted by Aunty. Was wonderful to meet her again after so long. It had been long and yet I felt as if time had stood still. It was truly wonderful that Aunty met me at the door. Meant something to me that I can never express. Met Uncle too and it was great to see him again after so long.

As we sat down, a particular song started playing, that was incredibly ironic :), the poignancy of which we spoke about later in the night. I have been told about the concept of "Synchronicity", but this was unbelievable.

I presented something that had been waiting for the last one and a half years. Nothing had changed. Nothing.

We didn't even speak much, hardly a few lines. We didn't even say long drawn out good-byes. It didn't matter. The max we did was jive a bit when I was thrown onto the dance floor (As I closed my eyes for a few moments. There are some things in life I really am not meant to do probably. Dancing comes in that list), which mercifully lasted just 15 seconds. But tonight wasn't for the niceties. It was about reconnecting from where we left off. Going back was so much more than just going back.

As I left, Aunty asked me to keep coming back regularly and that really was a wonderful gesture. It meant that the return was complete... I tend to look at peoples eyes when they talk to me. The eyes speak so much. I really trust my judgement of people based on how sincere they are. How much their eyes tell the truth. These experienced eyes conveyed to me that alls well that ends well...

At 22, I feel like I am closing the review comments on my life one by one and moving towards becoming a finished product. A few more years and I will be the person I wanted to evolve into, I am sure.

Life goes on... Im coming back to life...


Alina (Lil..Bacchi:-) said...


The journey is still not finished, but still i feel after 22nd Sept, one of the stations arrived with so much to give and so much more to make life more inspiring.:-)

This point of the journey for we the travellers has been an immensely satisfying and heart touching moment.:-)...And it shall continue for many more such wonderful moments to come...

The return of 'you' said to me many things which i had been waiting to it makes me feel truly blessed ....:-)

Friends Forever...:-)

Maverick said...

@bacchi: "The journey is still not finished" - for a guy whos scared of heights, iv had enough roller coaster rides :) pls.... aur nahi!!!!! :):)

jokes apart... u know. i know. period.