Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Promise

If I ever saw a rose,
I would say it wasn’t as beautiful as you.

What you are, what you mean to me,
The depth you shall never know.

As I sit with a crossed heart,
Berating myself for the words that crossed out a million smiles from your face,
I have no joy but for desolation.
Of self. Of a great friend.

I see no succour. No end in sight.
Not tonight. Not tomorrow.

But in this hour of retrospect,
I have to comfort me,
The smiles of the years gone by.
The memories of the days seen through.

Now I ask for your hand in friendship,
With a promise to abide through and through.

A promise that says:

Any day you require comfort,
Just know there will be a million miles away,
A heart reaching out to you,
Through the stars shining above.

Looking through silent gazes.
Speaking through pursed lips.
Calling out your name.
And a smile to go with.

A promise is all I have.
But a promise I shall keep.

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