Saturday, September 16, 2006

Let The Music Play aka The Sound Of Music

Today was one of the proudest days of my life. Ladies and Gentlemen, I am now the proud owner of a Givson guitar. And my music learning shall commence henceforth :)

Thanks Sujya and DK for taking the time out to accompany me...

Music has always been a passion for me and I find it really debilitating that I cannot play music and express myself through that medium. I had been planning to buy a guitar for sometime now, but something kept coming up. Finally, I decided that today was the day and come what may, I will buy it.

Decided to check out Furtados in Colaba and decided to meet Sujeet at 11 am.

On the morning, we decided to shift the meeting to 12.30. At 11.30, while I was about to board my train, Sujeet called to say that DKLD would be coming too and that they would reach a bit late. Alright I said and boarded, smiling all the way. Nothing would make me unhappy today. I was gonna buy a guitar!!!

Reached VT and wanted to speak to Archie. So headed to the nearest PCO (my cell balance was really low) and put in a coin. As soon as I started to dial, this message comes up: "Out of Order". The PCO ate my coin and refused to give it back! If the damn phone is out of order, I should be informed before I part with my hard earned(through a loan from my sister) rupee!!! Finally managed to get a conversation with Archie(from my cell!!!) and after 3 call drops and plenty of "hello... hello... hello!!!!! hello????? hello...", we decided to meet some other day.

Reached Furtados and called Sujeet.

Me: "Boss, main pahunch gaya hoon. Kahaan ho tum log?"
Sujeet: "Arre, main toh Borivali mein hoon. DK abhi tak aaya nahi hai."
Me(stunned): "Kya baat kar raha hai! Apun dono ek hi time pe nikalne ka decide kiya tha. Fir tu abhi tak Borivali mein kya kar raha hai? DK 10 mins mein aane waala tha na. Ek ghanta ho gaya hai!"
Sujeet: "Kya baat kar raha hai! Ek ghanta! Itna time ho gaya!!!"
Me(inwardly): @#%%@@##
Me(outwardly): "Chal theek hai. Tum log jaldi pahunch jao."
Sujeet: "Abe tu akele itne time kya karega?"
Me(inwardly applauding his question): "Chal road pe baithke kuch kar loonga. Tum log jaldi aa jao."

Anyways, I decided to goto Planet M and kill some time. Walked in and checked out some Hindustani CDs. Nothing excited me, so I went into the books section and started browsing. A book that caught my eye was "The Art Of The Deal - Donald Trump". Opened it and started reading. I like stories that are told in a "I did this... I was in that situation..." kind of tone as long as the said instances are true. So read a bit and enjoyed getting to know the typical day of Mr. Trump.

Decided to get out of Planet M and move towards Furtados again.

Saw a missed call from Divya. Called her back and she said, she thought she had seen me or Tom Cruise wearing my face mask from MI4 and she wanted to confirm it. I settled the poor girl's fears by owning up responsibility for walking past her without even looking.
Reached Metro and again called Sujeet.

Me(dreading every word): "Bhai. Kahaan ho aap log?"
Sujeet: "Hum log Matunga pahunche hain. Kya bolta hai. Hum log ko aur kitna time lagega pahunchne mein?"
Me(inwardly): "x mins * y speed of train + error factor of these guys going the wrong way..."
Me(outwardly): "Nahi maloom. Tum log aa jao. Main wait karta hoon."

Parked myself outside Metro Adlabs and waited. Read the news being scrolled on the strip to keep myself busy.

Moved to the entrance of Furtados and parked myself watching the traffic go by.

Bhai log finally arrive in a horse pulled chariot. We went into Furtados and asked for acoustic guitars. The person directed us to another Furtados entrance, where we would get Acoustic guitars. Went in, but they didnt have a good range. So came out and went to Bhargavaz, across the street. There we saw a Givson, which didnt sound right when first played. Sujeet also checked out a Hobner which was really beautiful and sounded great. We had almost decided to pick it. Before buying, we decided to ask Silmon, Sujeet's pal and also the store hand about which one we should pick. He recommended the 1st chosen Givson and after tuning, it did play like a beauty...

We had lunch, where Silmon joined us (lovely thali at a place called Krsna Bhavan in Kalbadevi. Highly recommended.), after which I withdrew money from the ATM and paid for the guitar in cash. Said my good byes to Sujeet and DK (who carried on to buy some books) and came home in the First Class :) to protect my guitar from the crowds in the train. Reached home and in 5 minutes, it started raining heavily... Had just made it in time... God truly looks out for me in so many small ways :) I placed the guitar in front of the idols of Gods in our Poojai Room and took their blessings.

So, finally after all the time and 6 years of waiting, I was the proud owner of a dark blue Givson... :) One of the happiest days of my life and I will never forget the feeling I had when i proudly held MY guitar...

Eric Clapton... here I come... :)

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Anshul Agrawal said...

hey, Congratz for ur new acquisition......... i'll love to hear u playing sumthing on ur new guitar......

So, wen is the party ???