Thursday, September 21, 2006

Happy Birthday Mani

Today is the birthday of Mani, a kid who comes for tuitions to my Mom. A very young kid, he is studying in the 1st standard.

Yesterday, when I came home, my Mom told me about a conversation that happened betweek Mani and another lil kid who also comes to my Mom for tuitions.

Lil Kid: "Hey Mani, tomorrow is your birthday right? So you will be treating us won't you?"
Mani: "No. I will treat you all after I move into my new house."

Actually, Mani's family stays in my colony in a rented flat and my Mom told me that probably Mani would not even be able to get new clothes for his birthday owing to various reasons.

So today, my Mom bought a cake for his birthday and presented it to him and he celebrated with a party for his friends. He wore new clothes and was playing with his pals when I came home tonight. He was really happy and keen to get back into his game, so I just wished him and came away.

But I tell you, it was really nice to see the kid just being so happy on his birthday and being so oblivious to all around him. Bas... life is lived for moments such as these...

Today my sister showed me again how brilliant, caring and great she is too... I am really proud and privileged to have a sister such as her...

Last note: Happy birthday Yash... :-)

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