Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Attempted Abstract Writing

... and yet the title says it all.

Wanted to put out my thoughts tonight. It ended up being a game for me, where I let myself go and tried to abstract, abstract and abstract some more. So I ended up writing this post.

So many clues and yet no direct answers. I am a fan of such writing which leaves me questioning, frustrated, feeling ignorant, stumped, all at the same time.

It ended up as an attempt at writing in a style that is questioning, evocative, symbolic, for the author. And it is the reader too who becomes part of this web of truth, lies, intentional subversion and deceit (un)wittingly.

Red herrings and white lies aside, each of us ends up questioning "Why has s/he written that?" "Who is that person?" "Can I place that scene?" "What does s/he think of her/him self to write so shoddily?"

And the author wonders, "What would the readers think?"

Not about the content. Just the style :)

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