Monday, May 01, 2006

A Meaning To Life - Where Is It?

"You now have enough and more to live,
Make sure you have something worthwhile to live for.
You now have the means for a good life.
I hope there will be a meaning to that life.
Good Luck!"

This was a quote by Viktor Frankl that was part of the convocation ceremony for the ISB Class of 2006. Powerful, strong and moving words.

In the midst of my life today, I just seem to keep coming back to these words each and every day to look within myself to see what I wish to become and what I can be. Let's see...

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ashwini phadnis said...

its truly an amazing quote.. these words are are the brink of optimism , sufficient to live each day happily and work maximally...i guess what each one needs everyday is a spoonful of optimism and hope.. these are some of the most vital things that may help us to progress through the journey of life , unfolding every petal and realising the essence of our being in this world!!