Saturday, April 22, 2006

Random Musings

While there isnt much going on in my life thats worth broadcasting at the moment, I felt that I should be disciplined enough to write something on my blog regularly... It feels very odd not to be writing about some "issues", coz well... coz it's so out of nature for me...But maybe thats the result of gathering a few white hairs over time.

This week, we organized a SuDoku Challenge within iFlex. I am a novice in Sudoku, and through this, I came to understand that it is a real fun game... part of the reason also being I came across a fun site. I plan to start solving some puzzles myself.

Also managed to catch up with Chintu after a long time. Felt good talking to an old pal after so long. Good luck and God Speed Chintz.

On a more serious note, lets say a silent prayer for Mr.Pramod Mahajan. Hope he is able to stay well and recover from this life-threatening situation.


Anonymous said...

Please read the latest on the Mahajan shooting incident at

Ships said...

Sudoku King!! Nice to see u back. :)

Yes, i'll join u in the silent prayer.

Maverick said...

"sudoku king"??? just starting out... lol