Saturday, March 25, 2006

My BEQ Experience

My love affair with quizzing began as a small kid. Dont know why but always enjoyed answering trivial questions. Still do infact... :)
So when one day I got an internal mail telling us that i-flex would be sending teams to participate in the Brand Equity Quiz and that there would be an elimination process for it, my mind started conjuring up possibilities... Oh the gift of imagination is a good one :)

So off we went to our Goregaon office for the elims. There were 30 questions, trivia and visuals, and lo behold... I was one of the 3 who cleared and were selected to represent i-flex.I tell you, it was the proudest I felt in a long, long time :)
Brought back a lot of childhood memories that night... I used to watch the Brand Equity Quiz on TV with my pop, as a kid in school and actually getting to be part of it was a real privilege.

Cut to the main day - 20th March, 2006...
Received a lot of wishes from pals and well-wishers in office.
We went to the venue - St. Andrews Auditorium in Bandra. Registered ourselved and took our places in the auditorium for the quiz to begin.

First Round was the written eliminations which was conducted by an Associate of Derek O'Brien. The questions were(the ones I remember anyways...There were 30 overall)

  1. What was the seasonings company Nestle took over in 1947?
  2. Who is the sponsor of India Fashion Week?
  3. What is the refund rate given by the Income Tax department?
  4. For which sport is the Mark McCormack Award given for?
  5. In 1888, which building did Mr.______ from the PWD of Mumbai build?
  6. Who wasnt wearing his Ingersoll pocket watch the day he was assasinated?

Well, the questions were easy, but we had around 7-8 near misses where we thought of the right answer and put in another. It showed too, in the scores where we got 13 points. The highest team score was 26 points by TNS and the cutoff was 21. The 1st to 5th place teams got selected for the finals and there was a tie-breaker for the teams from 6th to 10th for the final spot.

The teams in the finals were:
  1. Chlorophyll(An Advertising Company)
  2. State Bank Of India
  3. TCS
  4. A Team I Dont Remember
  5. TNS Researchers
  6. UTI Bank

For the finals, the master himself made a grand entrance. I'v seen Derek O'Brien as a kid attending his brother Barry's Green Teen Quiz where Derek was the director. And as a kid, who was heavily into quizzing as a kid, he remains one of my idols. And watching him was like watching a master in action.


There was this couple sitting together and the guy answered an audience question. Derek calls them both to give a prize...

Derek(to gal): "Are you friends?"

Gal: "No. We are lovers."

Derek(to guy): "Are you lovers?"

Guy: "No. We are friends."

Derek: "Silly boy..."

And he kept taking their case throughout the remainder of the event.

During the quiz, one of the questions was: "For what does a person in India have to work 16 mins, a person in the US 24 mins...?" Now this was a question passed and came to TCS, of which, one of the members was Bengali. In true Bong fashion, he asked: "Is that w-o-r-k or w-a-l-k?" LOL... Derek being a Calcuttan himself, started ribbing Babu-Moshai in Bengali.

In this way, the evening went on in wonderful fashion. The questions were tricky, workable and it was really amazing to see the teams work out the answers from the subtle hints given rather from the recesses of memory.

There are lot many more things to tell, but writing wont do them justice. So, Il rest my pen here on my description of one of the best evenings of my life.


Ships said...

Derek(to gal): "Are you friends?"
Gal: "No. We are lovers."
Derek(to guy): "Are you lovers?"
Guy: "No. We are friends."

Haha... guys like to defy gals always!

Interesting description. Keep smiling... N hey..Again, Derek n his bengali connection! Eeerie... lolz

Maverick said...

Shh...not so loudly... :)

Oishee said...

Bing Bong! hehe! couldn't help saying that with all this bong talk! ;) Bong too you see;)
those questiosn were complete googlies as far as I am concerned! that's so bad!
Btw, I've got a whole new blog for all my blatant blabber on my ideas abotu spirituality. Gettign into it a lot these days. new posts soon. And hey, post stuff more often. It's fun to read what you write :)

Anonymous said...

Reading abou the BEQ experience,i have lived my dreams..:-)..

Maverick said...

@bacchi: u still have a lot more to live on ur own... maybe someday soon il read about ur BEQ experiences :-). keep us posted.