Saturday, February 25, 2006

Kya Jeena Isi Ka Naam Hai?

Part I

Last Sunday, I visited Silent Resort in Vasai. Its on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway. I went there with my ex-colleagues from Digite(DK and Sujit... it was great meeting you guys after so long :) ).

The drive took about an hour or so...Its a quaint and cosy place... First we played cricket and I really enjoyed playing after so much time even though we lost the match. After lunch, we took to the water games and slides, which was great fun... Towards evening, Jai and Sneh organized some games that really were fun and competitive, the keyword being "Strategy" :-)

But my favourite part was the drive back and for the following reasons:

  1. The sky was full of stars that night.
  2. We had a song/mimicry/joke session at the back of the bus that was really very enjoyable. Abhijit and Amogh really livened up everyone's day(or night to be technically correct.)

Part II

Yesterday was the i-Leap 2005 Fresher's Party at iflex. I was part of the group that organized it. It was over a month of planning, budgeting, negotiations and frustration but in the end, all faded away into a sense of happiness over an effort that was worth it and a sense of people actually coming together(I got to know many, many really great people yesterday at the party and earlier during the process and Im sure I speak for others as well.)

The evening had the following events:

  1. An introduction to each batch by all the CRs.
  2. An introduction to all the seniors.(I really appreciated the fact that a lot of seniors had turned up for this get-together inspite of their tight schedules, with a few even driving down specially for this from Pune. I felt really inspired by this gesture by them.)
  3. A game called iflex Express that really kickstarted the evening's fun.
  4. Cake cutting by the seniors.
  5. Awards and felicitations to the Best External Faculty, Best Internal Faculty and Best Fresher(from our batch it was Harshita, Kamlesh Sir [YAY :-))], and Bond [YAY :-))] who won and very deservingly too.) It was nice to meet Kamlesh sir after so many days.
  6. A few performances by the freshers:
    • A skit on the road of a fresher from the interview stage till appraisals.
    • A band comprising a guy from iflex(Krunal) and his mates from various places played. They ROCKED!!!!!! and how. They played songs by Jal, Rubaru from RDB and really had the entire audience singing all the songs with them.
    • A song called "iflex ki kudiyan" which had a couple of guys and gals performing :-)
  7. Dancing to the DJ's tunes.

The food was really great and we had a great time all around. Thank you Mr. Raju and crew for this memorable evening :-)

Part III

Yesterday 11 people from my batch were summarily shifted to work in Bangalore. While it is a brilliant career opportunity, many of them do feel the pain of parting and leaving just when they were settled. So the freshers party ended up being a farewell party for them.

Song For Tonight

Aadat - Jal

Na jaane kab se umeedein kuch baaki hain
Mujhe phir bhi teri yaad kyon aati hai
Na jaane kab se

Door jitna bhi tum mujhse, paas tere main
Ab to aadat si hai mujhko aise jeene mein
Zindagi se koyi shikwa hi nahi hai

Ab to zinda hoon main is neele aasmaan mein

Chaahat aisi hai yeh teri badti jaaye
Aahat aisi hai yeh teri mujhko sataaye
Yaadein gehri hain itni, dil doob jaaye
Aur aankhon mein yeh gham nam ban jaaye

Ab to aadat si hai mujhko aise jeene mein

Sabhi raatein hain, sabhi baatein hain
Bhoola do unhe, mita do unhe
Ab to aadat si hai mujhko...

This post is dedicated to Anubhav. Mujhe yaad hai tumne kya kahata Xmas Party ke raat ko. Kabhi nahi bhoolunga.