Sunday, December 11, 2005

The Stars Are Shining Brightly Tonight

Hi all, my first post... Have been wanting to just share my thoughts(good and bad) and see what new insights come out of it... Hope to laugh, learn and share views with you all... A few words that I penned a long time back... But they still hold true for me every day... Hope this is a good start...

The Stars Are Shining Brightly Tonight
- By Naveen

Its been a long walk upto where Im standing,
A walk of many a year.

A walk that took me places,
Made me see the world.

Over hills, plateaus and plains Iv trodden,
Searching for peace but finding none.

Iv seen pain, Iv seen tears,
Iv felt cheated, helpless,
Does is seem so queer

From the heights of brilliance,
To the depths of despair.

From the joys of friendship,
To the lows of aloneness.

The words I heard, the sights I saw,
Have crossed my heart,
And brought a tear to my eye.

Im supposed to be a man and take it in my stride,
But the little boy inside me cries why?

Why should people suffer so much?
Why should God be generous to some and make others feel cheated?
Why is honesty mistaken for arrogance?
Why is goodness considered a weakness?
Why should good intentions go awry?

Why indeed?

Night has fallen and Im on an open meadow.
The lush velvet is stroked by the enchanting moonlight.

As I lay, with crickets for company,
A cool breeze ruffles my hair.

As my gaze lifts upwards,
I see a marvellous sight.

The stars are shining brightly tonight.

The simpleness of the sight,
Is belied by its mysticism.

The aura holds me spellbound.

And one by one, the stars come down to the earth.
They lift me up, heavenwards.

In their midst, I feel happy.
The answers to my questions lie with them.

And just looking at them the answers begin to unfold.

For I remember,
Everlasting sorrows melt away,
In a moment of joy.

The smile on the face of an urchin,
Belies his hunger.
But the frown of a broker,
Does not a true story tell.

Humbleness is a virtue.
So is self-belief.
And I do not become a lesser man,
By the harsh words of a few.

It might not be favourable to do good.
But it is a small price to pay,
To see a little child smile.

The stars I see remind me of my loved ones back home.
The ones who I love dearly.
They who taught me all I know.
Cried my tears for me.
Took their knocks bravely to keep me afloat.

A tear wells up in my eye.

I turn my head to let it drop,
The rays of light take me by surprise.

Its morning as I get up.
The sylvan surroundings make a pleasant sight.

I think of the night.
Was it a dream?

I get up ready to go.
I achieved what I set out to get.

But I shall not return.

Yesterday my journey was for myself.
Today I shall walk for others.

I set out towards the woods ahead.
The meadow a receding site.

The road ahead is long and hard.
I have no choice, but to up my step.

I have miles to go before I sleep.

The stars that shone brightly last night,
Shall now shine my path upto twilight.

Come, come....come into my world.... To good times...


babe with the keyboard! said...

nice poem...look forward to interesting posts in the future...

PRiTZ said...

boy-o-boy....blogger or a poet?I must say,u must become a poet!no,buddy,am rather serious.this one is terrific.Ofcourse,it really has no connection with so-called,"blogs".Blogs can termed in 2 manners though.One,regarding something going around in this world(on which i love to comment!),and the others are meant for TRUE-CLASSY u!Neways,a terrific one,i must admit.But the poem has plenty of unanswerable questions!But good to c,the questions!I too feel the same way,like u have written,but i really cant express my self in that sense,thru blogs.Its all in the mind.My mind is "My Space".Neways,plzzzzzzzzzzzz,comment on my blogs too! :D

shru said...

wonderful poem, truly DIL SE! keep it goin poet!!!!!!!!! :)

Amit Shenoy said...

Naru U ROCK!!!!!!!

some 1 u know said...

well thought..excellently put... interesting...hope to c more posts

kalley said...

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams!
Live the life you've imagined.
As you simplify your life,
the law of the universe will be simpler.
Anyways, good going naaru keep it up!!!!

Sallie said...

How nice to see the link for hurricane relief here in the US - Thank you! (Now I'll go back & read more).

nimisha said...

Awesome work....very genuine...gud goin mr poet :)

Anirrban said...

i m truly speechless! its in, its something each one of us know, want to know and want to do. realising the whole leaning of sadness and understanding that one has 2 work towards social improvement, itself is a very tough task for ppl... forget pennig it down and sharing it... trust me, its just brilliant...felt lik my inner self is talkin 2 me...

dhruv said...